One of the most important ways BCRW achieves its mission is through volunteering. We encourage all of our members to step up and help campaign for our local Republican candidates at the local and county level.


How can I help?

Make Phone Calls

The Burlington County GOP is always looking for local volunteers to make phone calls to residents. These phone banks help us to identify voters and get out the vote, and have been critical in helping us win key county races. Close to election day phone banks are held every day, and we will have BCRW call nights so that you can join other members of the group. You can find upcoming BCRW call nights listed on our calendar.

Phone banks are held at

Burlington County GOP Headquarters
223 High Street, Mt. Holly, NJ


Campaign Door-to-Door

Another great way to volunteer is to go door-to-door in support of our Republican candidates. You can knock on doors in your neighborhood to talk to voters and distribute campaign literature, or you can accompany a candidate as they meet voters face-to-face by walking with them and/or driving them. Door-to-door campaigning is a great way to meet your neighbors, get to know your candidates, enjoy the outdoors, and even exercise!


Support our Organization

We need members to serve our our committees to keep our organization growing and strong. Click here to learn more about our committees. 


You can also support BCRW by making a donation directly to the organization to help us support our mission and our candidates.


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 Making campaign phone-calls at headquarters Going door-to-door for a campaign Driving/accompanying a candidate door-to-door Serving on the BCRW board Chairing a BCRW committee Serving on a BCRW committee

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